Top 5 Cross-Platform Frameworks to Build a Successful Healthcare Application

Cross-platform frameworks provide a solid development environment in which developers can easily build applications and have them deployed on different mobile devices and operating systems. They provide a wide range of features that make it easy for both designers and developers to create a customized solution to a customer’s needs. Here are five of the best available cross-platform frameworks to help you build a healthcare application:

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As a developer or designer, you need to consider how users will use your application on the go. While a mobile device is ideal for viewing and interacting with your application, it isn’t necessarily the best place for adding new features. By taking advantage of a cross-platform mobile framework, you can leverage your existing mobile technologies to add new functionality by leveraging your existing codebase.

PhoneGap is a popular open-source web-based framework for creating cross-platform mobile apps. It uses the Crosswalk rendering engine from Apple and the Flex SDK from Google to provide a rapid development environment. You don’t need to worry about coding or programming, just load the app and begin interacting with it right away. Flex SDK is a high-speed mobile app development framework that gives you access to high-quality image and video units and a fully featured image gallery. You also get access to rich media apps and support for multi-platform development.

Another cross-platform framework that is used extensively by healthcare professionals is LinkedIn. LinkedIn’s open source framework allows you to develop custom-made apps for LinkedIn users, such as connecting physicians and patients. You can also easily integrate it with other popular open source frameworks, such as Xcode and Android. This framework provides a clean model for managing the database, allowing developers to focus on the technical aspects of developing the app. Xcode is a cross-platform mobile app development framework created by Apple that allows mobile app makers to create fully integrated mobile applications.

Another important framework for cross-platform mobile apps developers is Android Native Development Kit (NDK). Developing apps for mobile devices with this kit requires thorough knowledge of Android APIs and coding. However, NSDK development is extremely simple and makes developing a great mobile app very easy. Native apps written in C/C++ and Java are also available.

These are only five of the many different cross-platform frameworks available for mobile app development. The internet is loaded with more information on each of these five popular frameworks. However, it is still necessary to understand your app’s target market, to make sure that you choose the right technology. For instance, if you are developing a medical website meant for doctors in a big city, it would be more practical to use Google Android SDK. If you are developing a gaming mobile app specifically made for teens, BlackBerry’s Playbook wouldn’t be a good fit.

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